Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting ready for Valentine's Day

Get ready for Valentine's Day!
Today I will be sharing a song about a heart to get you ready for Valentine's . I'm posting it a little early so you might have a chance to hear it and use it! :)

A Heart Stands for Love, addresses the shape of a heart and who we give hearts to on Valentine's Day. It also states that a heart stands for love.

In a few of the classrooms I serve, the students have been putting their hands on their hearts (chest), and other students have enjoyed trying to make the heart shape in the pic above with their hands while we sing the chorus of the song. Many of the students are quite good at it!

<a href="">A Heart Stands for Love by More with Music</a>

Here is a shape and it stands for Love
This shape is called a Heart. (Repeat)

We give hearts to the people in our family.

We give hearts to our teachers and friends.

Valentine's Day is a special day when we say,
"I love you" to all of them.


What are your favorite Valentine's Day songs?
As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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