Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I like to Jump!

Here's a fun song for all those kiddos out there who love to jump! The best part is that kids can jump outside and inside! One of the coolest gifts my own 5 year old son received as a gift was a smaller trampoline called an exercise trampoline. So, even on the coldest or rainiest days, he can still jump to his heart's content! Stay tuned for a picture of him jumping on his favorite trampoline!

Here are the lyrics:

I like to jump, jump, jump
on my trampoline.
I'm the highest jumper that you've ever seen.
I jump a lot and when I do, I feel so free.
I wish you'd come along and take a, take a jump with me.

We're gonna' jump up and down with all our might.
We'll jump all day and into the night.
For when I'm jumping, I feel alright.

I like to jump, jump, jump....(chorus)

We're gonna' jump real fast and jump real slow.
If we get tired we'll lay down low.
I need to get jumping for it sets me free and
that's what I need.

I like to jump, jump, jump...(chorus)

© 2009 Amanda Ellis

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