Thursday, September 17, 2009

Making a Prediction

We all make predictions everyday. This includes things like predicting how long it takes us to get ready in the morning and setting our alarm accordingly, to which way we should drive to avoid traffic based on traffic patterns previously experienced.

I wrote this song to help teach students what a prediction is and that it is, by definition: "reasoning about the future based on facts and evidence".

This song could serve a science lesson very well (i.e."We're going to predict what's going to happen when..."). Students might be more motivated to answer "Wh"questions like , "What do you think will happen?", or "What do you see?".

Making a Prediction

What will happen?
What will we see?
Will something change?
Will it look different to me?
I'm making a prediction based on facts and what I've seen.
I'll predict what's going to happen, before it's shown to me.

© 2009 Amanda Ellis

What other songs do you love to use for teaching science or reading units/skills?

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