Friday, December 4, 2009

Big Green Christmas Tree

Here's a song you can use during the month of December!

I currently work with several students who are nonverbal who are working on choice making. Choices are made for various activities via picture cards (pecs and real pictures as well) and/or voice output devices and simple switches.

For this song, I have a file folder with a plain tree on the inside of the folder. I also have several ornament pictures that students can choose from to decorate the tree. My ornament pictures include ball ornament, angel, gold star, candy cane, color lights. You can add as many or as little as you like.
You could also concentrate on colors and only use ball ornaments of different colors and students would then choose the color of their ornament for the tree.
I also have a powerpoint visual for this song. After students choose their ornament, I drag each ornament and place it on the tree. Higher functioning students can click and drag their own ornaments onto the tree.

<a href="">Big, Green Christmas Tree by More with Music</a>


I'm a big, green christmas tree,
Standing tall for all to see.
I need your help.
Oh would you please--
Choose an ornament to put on me?

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