Monday, February 1, 2010

Living and Non-Living Things

Well, it's the first day of February, and I have a song to share.
It's not a very long song, but it is a catchy one! :)

I wrote this song to help teach students the difference between living and non-living things. Basically, all living things breath air, move, grow, and need food (of some kind), and water. Non-living things do not need air, food, or water and cannot move by themselves.

I use visual aids with this song. I have different pictures of items (i.e. a chair, a kitten, a cd, a puppy, etc.). After singing the song, I ask, "Does the chair need food and water?", or "Does the kitten grow?". This facilitates yes/no questions within a group very well.

Stay tuned for another post soon! I'll be sharing a song that was very challenging for me to write!

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Have a great week!


  1. What are the chords you used for your song? I'd like to use it in a lesson.

  2. Thanks for the comments! The chord progression for this song is: D, A, G, D
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. HOw can I download this song?

  4. You can actually click on Share under the song and choose wherever you want the song emailed to you.
    Hope this helps!

  5. Hello my friend!

    I taught this song to my first graders during the science block. Many of my students are beginner ELL students who are out of the class for long stretches. I'm always looking for ways to help them pick up and remember the material. Asimple catchy song like this was perfect. They had fun and learned something too! They even wanted to sing it individually. Thanks again and keep up the awesomeness!

  6. Yes! I'm going to use this song in my 1st Grade music/movement-infused Science class. "It's Alive / Non-living" by Mar. Harman is another song I'll use that folks may want to check out. Thank you from an El Arte teaching artist in SW Detroit!

  7. You are welcome! I hope the students like the song. I will definitely have to check out the song you mentioned above too!