Sunday, June 6, 2010

Moving in the Water

The end of the school year is very near. Wrapping everything up has kept me busy to say the least!

I realize it's not as exciting to check in on a blog when there aren't any new posts. :) So, today I'm sharing another song. This song is called "Moving in the Water". The tune of this song is actually from another song I found online one night. The original song is called, "Listen to the Water". I kept most all of the tune the same, but changed the lyrics for my own song needs.

So, "Moving in the Water" is about ways we can move in the water. With summer quickly approaching, it's a great time to talk about ways we can move in and on bodies of water and teach all those great words like swim, boat, jetski, canoe, fish, row, paddle, etc..

I have visuals for each mode of moving on the water for this song and I also use a Big Mac switch so nonverbal students can participate as we sing the chorus after each phrase. (I prepare the big mac switch ahead of time and record myself singing the chorus into it). You can also create movements to go along with the chorus (move hands like river flowing, swimming arm mvmts., riding jet ski, paddling, etc.)

The lyrics are below. How do you plan to move in the water this summer? I'd love to hear what you think. :)

Have a great week!

<a href="">Moving in the Water by More with Music</a>

Moving in the water, moving in the water
swimming, skiing, paddling and riding too.

I saw a fish by the waterside
Swimming with his fins to the other side. (repeat)
I saw a girl by the waterside
Kicking her legs to swim to the other side. (repeat)
I saw a boy by the waterside
Riding his jet skis to the other side
I saw a man in a canoe by the waterside
He was paddling his oars to get the other side. (repeat)
I saw a woman in a boat by the waterside
Riding in the boat to the other side. (repeat)

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