Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
Today I will be sharing two songs (which were previously posted last year). I'm posting them a little early so you might have a chance to hear them and use them! :)

The first song, A Heart Stands for Love, addresses the shape of a heart and who we give hearts to on Valentine's Day. It also states that a heart stands for love.

The second song, Love is a Circle,is meant to be used as a movement song. You can use scarves, streamers, or even paper hearts glued to popsicle sticks to move to this song. The directions mentioned in this song are: around, up and down, hide scarf inside hands and then let out, and around again.

<a href="">A Heart Stands for Love by More with Music</a>
Here is a shape and it stands for Love
This shape is called a Heart. (Repeat)

We give hearts to the people in our family.

We give hearts to our teachers and friends.

Valentine's Day is a special day when we say,
"I love you" to all of them.


<a href="">Love is a Circle by More with Music</a>

What are your favorite Valentine's Day songs?
As always, thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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