Monday, July 25, 2011

Connect with More with Music!

Did you know that More with Music has a page on Facebook?

Just search for More with Music after you login to your Facebook account, and then you can see all posts duplicated there.

I also have a Twitter account, but quite honestly, I'm still trying to figure the whole Twitter thing out. I understand you follow and have followers, but I'm just trying to figure out the whole active "tweeting" thing.

If any of you wonderful readers of this blog and/or fellow bloggers would like to explain Twitter to me, please don't hesitate to email me at

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your week is off to a great start!


  1. I'm also a music therapist on Twitter (@JLisaMT) - John Lawrence. Twitter is a great tool that I use for professional postings - I don't usually post anything of a personal nature on Twitter. Facebook is a little different - I definitely use it for personal/professional posts. You might want to take a look at my post about Twitter -

    NOTE: This blog is no longer live (I lost password privileges to the blog and was unable to retrieve them). My NEW blog is entitled "Global Music Therapy" and it can be found at:

  2. Check out Rachelle Norman's post on Twitter along with mine
    I will be honest, I tend to look most at articles posted through twitter. Sometimes my FB feed gets overloaded.

  3. Just SAW you on Facebook! Yay! I love your blog, and if I worked tons with kids, I would be ALL over your awesome ideas. Glad to know about your wonderful resource, and I will point colleagues here as the need arises.

    Thanks for sharing with the world, Amanda! =)

  4. Thanks, Kat! Glad you saw me, and thanks in advance for pointing people my way! :)