Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A shape called a Circle

The school year is fastly approaching and I've been going through my bank of songs the past few days.

I have been going over many of my "standards" I use in classrooms each week, and also sorting through songs that I want to make more interesting, motivating, catchy,etc..

So, here's a song I wrote and recorded yesterday about circles. I think it's more catchy and motivating than the song I usually use to teach about the shape of a circle. I can't wait to use it with the students in the schools I serve!

In terms of using this song in sessions, I plan on singing it while we show and play circles (Remo shape drums are awesome for this in particular!), and also with some of the younger, severe profound young students, we'll try using a 10" or larger hand drum and hand over hand, help them rub their palms on the drum in a circular motion while we sing about the circles. The sensory stimulation should be good for them too. :) I'm also planning on trying to move some of the groups that are mostly in wheelchairs in a circle formation. I think it will be a lot of fun!

So, here's the song below. I'll post the song sheet for it soon-maybe even tomorrow!

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