Sunday, September 4, 2011

You gotta keep your head up

As a music therapist, I always try to stay current with music that is popular each year. I have found that some music therapists do this more than others.

Depending on which population(s) music therapists are employed to work with, they may or may not need to dwell in modern or popular music. Songs from the 1920s and 30s might be their focus, or children's songs, or even instrumental music for relaxation and reflection might be more in demand with their clients.

Nevertheless, I like to have a general idea what's going on in modern/popular music and many times, I find the ideas motivating to me in terms of song writing.

Here's an example:

Lately, I've been loving this tune by Andy Grammer. It's called, "Keep Your Head Up".

I'll admit, it's an upbeat song that is good for my "self Music Therapy" when it's been a long day or I feel like I still have a lot to accomplish on any given day.

Aside from that, I had this song stuck in my head for days and was inspired by it so much, that I adapted the lyrics and the tune a bit for one of the topics I was trying to write a song about: the 5 themes of geography.

So, I wanted to share that particular song today.

*This song is intended for educational use only!

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  1. What are some other popular songs you have been using? I'm always looking for more ideas. I do find that I often have to adapt current popular songs and leave out certain verses or replace words because of the content. Most kids know the songs by heart though, so I'm looking for songs that are 100% clean. Would you mind writing a blog post about some of the other current songs you use? Best wishes to you.