Friday, January 27, 2012

Get ready to go!

Welcome back!

I'm excited to share another song today!
The song is titled, Get ready to go.
I collaborated with a teacher on this one. The teacher asked for help writing a song that she could use with her students (she teaches elementary students with autism), when they are getting ready to leave the classroom. Sometimes the class leaves to go to a special (music, art, PE, etc.), and sometimes they leave the classroom to go to assemblies in the school, outside for recess, for a walk, or for field trips off campus too.

The teacher gave me the following list of things they do/check before they leave the room as a class:

Tie shoes
Tuck in shirts
Sanitize hands
Wipe faces
Get lanyards (with picture IDs on them for off campus trips)

So, I put all of those in a song and repeated each of them to give the teachers and assistants ample time to assist the students while the song was playing.
The kids really like it and it helps keep everyone in the classroom (even the adults) aware of what needs to be checked before they leave the classroom.

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