Saturday, May 5, 2012

The bugs are back!

Welcome back to More with Music!

The temperatures here are definitely warming up and I'm sure the humidity of summer is on its way!

Last week I posted a song about April showers bring May flowers and talked about the showers associated with the spring season.  Today I'm changing the focus to something else that returns in the spring---the bugs!

Ladybugs are okay with me, but I'm really not a fan of ants, spiders, mosquitos, bees, etc. (yes, I know some of those are insects, but I call all of them bugs).  :)

So, this week I'm going to post several songs that I like to sing about various bugs.

For my first  song about bugs, I'm sharing the song below entitled 5 Little Ladybugs.  This song goes along with the 5 little Ladybugs children's book written by Melanie Gerth and illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith.

Five Little Ladybugs [5 LITTLE LADYBUGS-MINI]

<a href="">5 Little Ladybugs by More with Music</a>

If you would like song sheets complete with lyrics and guitar chords, just let me know by sending me an email at

As always, thanks for stopping by More with Music!  Stay tuned for more song about bugs this week!

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