Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Back to School Batch, part 7

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Today's post is the final post for my Back to School Batch series.

If you've missed any of the 7 songs included in this series, you can find them under the label, Back to School Batch, or just keep scrolling down under this post.

The song I'm posting today is about the shape of a circle.   Many teachers and therapists everywhere go over shapes practically all year long.  It takes a lot of teaching, reviewing, and application of using and interacting with shapes in order for many of our special learners to understand their similarities and differences.

Basically, a circle is a shape.  We know that it is round.  It doesn't have corners or sides, like other shapes we see.  So, I wrote this song to reinforce all those attributes of a circle.

I've used this song in many different ways.
First, you can use the song and students can draw/trace circles.
You can have students sit in a circle and all have maracas or egg shakers.  Students can shake to the beat, and when you think they're ready, you could try having them shake for three beats, then pass to friend on their right.
You can use a parachute and while all students are holding onto the parachute, everyone can move in a circle (this might be a good warm up to get everyone focusing on following directions, working together,etc..).
Also, it's very easy to hand out scarves and have students move their scarves in circular motions.

What other activities would you incorporate with this song?

Stay tuned for more song posts here on More with Music!  
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great melody and beat to this song. I lyrics are fun and easy enough for clients to be able to grasp the concept of a circle.