Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Lights

Welcome back to More with Music!
When I logged in this afternoon, I realized that it's been a month since I posted a song here on More with Music!  I'll definitely have to increase posts as one of my goals for next year!  :)

Today I'm sharing a song that I've been getting a lot of good use out of this month.  It's called "Christmas Lights" and it features the following light colors:  red, green, yellow, blue.  It is sung to the tune of "London bridge is falling down" and I added a violin part to make it extra special. :)  It is by far, one of many students' favorite songs for the holidays.

The tune, being so repetitive, leans itself to being a great song that students will quickly learn and begin to sing.  Students can work in color identification, spelling of color words, and sequencing skills (which color was first, second,etc. in the song?), all in one simple song!

So, here it is, "Christmas Lights".

I hope you have a great week as we wind down to Christmas break.  I know I'm ready for a break!
Be sure to come back soon for more song posts!


  1. Lovely song. When I taught it, I gave different color triangle to the children. Then, when their color came up in the song, they had to put the triangles together with a partner to make a star!

  2. Adam,
    What a great idea! I also use visuals when I sing this song. I use bulb shaped pieces of construction paper that have been laminated. When students hear their color, hey hold it up. In many classrooms this year, I also did this song with sign language. To start with I taught the signs for "bright" and "night". Then, we added more signs with groups that were able to add more. Thanks for the great idea of the star!