Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hands on the Drum

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I've really been looking forward to sharing today's song post!
The song is called "Hands on the Drum", and it's a song that I've been tweaking and singing in my head for awhile.

It's a very simple song that could help students (1:1 or within a group), work on following directions while playing a drum in different ways.  There are three different ways of playing a drum in this song:  playing to the beat with hands, rubbing the drum with hands, and tapping the drum with fingers.

The first way of playing the drum involves listening and patting to the beat on the drum.
The second way involves rubbing the drum with the hand.  Many students really enjoy rubbing a drum due to the sensory feedback they get from the drum head.
The third way involves isolating fingers to tap the drum.  This way is also a great for students working on finger dexterity.  This can be done with one to two fingers walking across the drum or using all fingers to crawl across the drum.

I kept the lyrics for this song really simple and incorporated a variety of strumming, finger-picking,etc., to musically reflect the hand movements of each part.

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