Thursday, January 30, 2014

What I wear in the snow

Welcome back to More with Music!

As I logged on to my blog this morning, I was reminded that I haven't posted here since November!

Things have definitely been busy around here.  While I would love to post daily, or even weekly here on More with Music, sometimes it's just not possible.  Being a mommy, wife and full time music therapist keeps me juggling many hats, but hopefully, the blog "hat" will get some extra time each week this year. :)

Today I'm posting about the winter weather, and more specifically what you wear.  When I work with students in the schools, we sing about Winter, the cold weather, snow and ice, and appropriate clothing to wear during this season.

This song, "What I wear in the snow" mentions many winter clothes and accessories.  It also adds the direction, "Show me where they go".  When I sing this song with students, we touch the body part(s) where each article of clothing goes.  (This helps them label body parts at the same time, so it's good for extra review of that also).
In one classroom, the teacher handed out actual articles of clothing for winter.  When each article of clothing was sung in the song, the students held them up.  This worked really well also!

How could you use this song?

Stay tuned for another blog post soon.  I hope you'll remember to stop by from time to time when your schedule allows.  Also, you can contact me on Facebook by clicking here.

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