Tuesday, February 24, 2015

And then there were two!

That's right...I have a good excuse for not posting in over two months!

Things have been more than busy around here with my usual work and mommy schedule.  A week before this past Christmas, we added an addition to our family-a golden retriever puppy!
(I know...the title of this post made you think something else was going on) :)

This is our puppy Oakley.

He loves my son and gets excited over just about everything.
He also loves the snow we received today!

So, we've been busy with crate training (which is going really well!), house training (going great-thank goodness for the bell hanging on the back door!), puppy classes and lots of attention for the puppy himself.
(Did I mention this pup does not like violin music?  Let's just say it has been a learning experience and we've adapted many things around here to make things work and flow.) 

So, all that aside, I'm still around.  :)

Stay tuned tomorrow for another blog post!  I'll be sharing a song to go along with a book that helps students learn positional words!

Stay warm!

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