Friday, July 1, 2016

Songs with Props

Happy Friday!
I've been busy going through my vault of songs and making lists of new song topics to work on and spending time creating new ways to implement oldies but goodies too.
Today I came across a song I shared awhile back called "Clickety Clack".

Many of the students I work with love trains, so I wrote this song to implement one of their favorite toys while addressing counting goals (specifically counting and recognizing numbers 1-5).

In terms of implementing this song, I typically use laminated cut outs of different color trains with the numbers on the sides of them.  (Sometimes I also have the number word on the other side of each train and this allows me to address another goal with some students who can already identify the numerals but not the number words themselves).

As I sing the song, students either hold up their train or place it on the floor and we put them in order after all the numbers have been identified.

Well, today while I was out shopping, I saw the coolest prop for this song!
Train Track Play Tape! (They have it at Wal-Mart for $9.33!)

It's a roll of tape that easily sticks to flat surfaces and comes off with no sticky residue leftover to clean up.
How cool is that?!?

So now, I can place a piece of tape on the carpet or table and the students can place their trains on the tape.  What a cool prop!  It also functions as a visual number line when we place the trains in order from 1-5 also.

How could you implement trains and/or train tape within your music therapy sessions?
Do you have song props that you just love?  Please comment below and share!

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