Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sticking Words Together

Students can have a variety of challenges when it comes to learning how to read.

In order to learn how to read, students must:
*recognize the letters of the alphabet, uppercase and lowercase letters
*learn the sounds associated with the letters of the alphabet,
*encode letters for the sounds heard for the initial, ending and medial sounds heard in words
*recognize word families and build words (word building)
*increase sight word vocabulary, develop word sense
*decode (learn phonetic rules that tell us how to pronounce sounds of letters in conjunction with each   other)
*learn punctuation and capitalization
*recognize spelling patterns

The song I'm sharing today is one of many that I use to help students learn how to read.  This song identifies the five vowels:  A, E, I, O and U.  The song also defines vowels as letters that "stick words together.  They also have two sounds-long and short.  You have to listen for the difference in vowel sounds.

I work with one student in particular who inspired some of the lyrics in this song.  He is a very energetic student who is always eager to sing in music therapy and can often be heard saying, "Come on!  Let's do it!" or "Here we go!" as each session begins.  See if you can hear the extra lyrics I added to honor his spirit and energy! :)

What are your favorite songs for reading and the skills involved in learning how to read?
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