Thursday, March 16, 2017

A song for St. Patrick's Day!

Today I'm sharing a song that I just recorded this week!

One of the elementary teachers I work with requested a song to further help the students understand the following motions:  straight, around, fast/slow, zig zag and back and forth.

As I sat down to brainstorm some ideas, I quickly thought that a couple of the motions are really abstract if you don't already have prior knowledge or experience with them (zig zag, back and forth).  Next I remembered that St. Patrick's Day was just days away and decided the song would be about a leprechaun.

In this song, the leprechaun puts on his hat ("pulls it straight down"), walks around his pot of gold, slides up and down the rainbow (fast and then slow), zig zags through the garden and dances back and forth to the music.  I then created a visual to go along with the song and incorporated the smart board so students could come up to the board in between verses and practice those motions with their fingers and/or smart board pen.

What songs do you love that teach motions?
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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