Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Plants Adapt

Happy Thursday!
Many of the classrooms I serve in the public school setting have been learning about plants.  We sing about the parts of a plant (find it here), and the needs of a plant.  For our middle and high school students, we also sing about photosynthesis, (which I'll be sharing soon!).  Earlier this week I recorded two additional songs about plants.

Today I'll be sharing one of those songs:  Plant Adaptation.
Researching this topic was very interesting.  At the same time, I found it challenging to keep the song short and simple.  After many drafts, I finally finished writing the song and decided on a jazz chord progression for the accompaniment.
(Warning:  This song is catchy and it may get stuck in your head!)

The repetitive chorus is intended to help students learn the main idea:  plants adapt in order to live.
The chorus can also be used to engage students who use a voice output device.  They can sing along with this repetitive part if it is prerecorded on their device.

Stay tuned for another song about plants next week!

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