Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Bear Came Over to My House

<a href="">Bear came over to my house by More with Music</a>

I recently wrote this song to go along with the very fun children's book,
The Bear Came Over to My House, written by Rick Walton and illustrated by James Warhola.
It's a great book to use with children who are working on answering Wh questions (What, Where, When, Why), because with each page turn the story asks, "And what do you think the bear ___?" After reading/singing the book a time or two, it's a good time to turn the page and ask the child, "What did the bear see?" This book/song also lends itself to a great sequencing activity where you put the book "in order" of the things the bear saw and did. Pictures of the objects mentioned in this book can easily be found on google images. This book is also an excellent one to reinforce verb tenses with student (see/saw, bring/brought, think/thought,etc.)
Another idea is to use a voice output device and pre-program the verse, "The bear came over to my house" and help another student participate in the book/song this way.
I highly recommend buying this book for preK-elementary aged kids. Click on the link below to find out more info on purchasing this book! :)

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