Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Here we go round the seasons

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Here's a fun song that can be used throughout the year to review the four seasons. I found the lyrics for this song from www.CanTeach.com and wrote my own tune to the words. This would be a great song to make a flip book or laminated book for each season and the descriptions mentioned for them. One could also attach laminated season pictures to a spinner (adapted with switch) and sing the chorus while the seasons are "spinning". Sing whichever verse the spinner stops on.
How else could you use this song?

Here we go, here we go around again
The year again, the year again
Here we go, here we go around again
to greet the different seasons.

Wintertime is time for snow,
to the south some birds will go
It's too cold for plants to grow
Because it is the winter

In the springtime days grow warm
On the plants the new buds form
Bees and bugs come out to swarm
Because it is the spring.

In summertime the days are hot
Ice cold drinks I drink a lot
At the beach I've got a spot
Because it is the summer

Fall is here, the air is cool
Days are short it's back to school
Raking leaves is now the rule
Because it is autumn

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