Monday, June 15, 2009

Clap Your Hands

Here's a song I wrote to get kids moving! I also wrote this song with a very particular little girl in mind. This song will be used to encourage and to continue to motivate her to communicate by allowing her to choose (with picture cards) which body part is next. In essence, she will tell me how the song will go each session! :)
I can also see this song working with groups of children and young adults. This might be a great song to try before the official "Hello song" of each music therapy session.

How could you use this song?

<a href="">Sometimes you want to clap your hands by More with Music</a>


Sometimes you wanna' clap your hands.
You wanna' feel the beat.
Sometimes you wanna' clap your hands,
you wanna' move to the beat.

~Pat your knees
~Stomp your feet
~Stretch up high
~Rock back and forth
~Sway side to side
~Kick your legs
~Give high five's
~Dance in your seat
~Wave "Hello"

© 2009 Amanda Ellis

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