Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I like bubbles!

Here's a fun song for the summertime!
You could use this inside or outside..whatever the weather!

Kids just love bubbles, and I wrote this song to incorporate various communication goals and Wh questions like,"Where do you want to blow bubbles?".

Bubbles are also a very good sensory experience for kids!

Lots of communication could be targeted with this song. For example, you could print out Boardmaker pictures of blow, bubbles, high, low, toe, up, sky, right, left, more and less, etc. and reinforce the words with the pictures to teach those pictures. Pictures and words are more easily learned when the student is involved in an activity (such as blowing bubbles) compared to just showing the pictures and verbally speaking the word.

How could you use this song? Where do you blow your bubbles? :)

<a href="http://morewithmusic.bandcamp.com/track/i-like-bubbles">I like Bubbles by More with Music</a>

I like bubbles
Great big bubbles
They're round and shiny and quiet when they pop!
I like bubbles great big bubbles
They're round and shiny and quiet when they pop!

I can blow them high , I can blow them low, I can even blow one to your toe!
I can blow them straight till the wind blows by
I can blow my bubbles up to the sky


I can blow them right,
I can blow them left
I can keep blowing till I'm out of breath
I can blow some more
or I can blow a little less
but blowing bubbles is the best!

© 2009 Amanda Ellis