Monday, August 10, 2009

All About Me

Many teachers incorporate an "All About Me" unit in their classrooms, sometime in the first few weeks of each new school year. This really helps students and teachers get to know each better and share their unique personalities with each other. This song can be used for each student in a classroom. Students (and/or their parents) can help fill in the blanks to this song, and also practice spelling and reading their names. For students with delayed speech or non verbal students, their descriptions of themselves and what they like can be represented with a picture card so that they can participate in the song also.

I decided to use my own son as the example this time, so you can better hear how the song goes! He will be entering Kindergarten this fall and is so excited that this song is all about him!

© 2009 Amanda Ellis

What songs do you use for All About me units?

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  1. I LOVE this song! It would be perfect for one of my classes at school...I may use it during the first week if you don't mind. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Amanda, I am Brooklyn's Grammy....I love her "My Name is Brooklyn song! I will be telling her preschool teacher all about you and your blog!

    Keep up the great work, just wish you lived closer so you could work with Brookie Bean...she LOVES music!


  3. I know Grammy already commented but seriously Brooklyn LOVES that I printed out the powerpoint for this song and made it into a book. THANKS again for creating it for me!