Monday, August 17, 2009

Group Song

I just finished my first "project" with the audacity program and wanted to post it for all of you to hear. It's one of my previously posted songs, "Clap Your Hands", but it is a favorite of several of the kids I see each week.

I love this song (personally) because I can use it with a variety of ages with a variety of abilities. I wrote it specifically for a class of students that don't generally get out of their seats. I also use this song with the help of visual aids (Boardmaker picture cards) of the body parts mentioned and I allow the student to tell me, "What's next?" or "Sometimes I want to..." and they complete the sentence. You can pace the song faster for higher functioning students, but I think the song is a great one to follow any "Hello Song" as a good "ice breaker"!

Hope you have a terrific week and thanks for stopping by! :)
<a href="">Sometimes you want to clap your hands by More with Music</a>


  1. I heard about your blog from Rachael's site. I like the clapping song a lot and it's very catchy.

  2. You know I love you and your site - you do not have to send me one of your CD's - that can go to someone else - just wanted to say hey!