Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Therapy tools Tuesday

It's Tuesday and time for another Therapy Tools post!
Last week I posted about Wrist Egg Shakers.

This week I want to share about another instrument I use
with students every week. This instrument is called a clatterpillar
and you can find them here.

As advertised, clatterpillars produce a sound like cascading dominoes, and are non-toxic for use by all age levels. They come in assorted colors. I personally LOVE clatterpillars and the plastic version is more acoustic and not unusually loud for a classroom setting.

Clatterpillars are held with both hands, one hand holding each end, and the student then alternates each hand going up and down to make the instrument sound. Many students are very mesmerized by the sound of the clatterpillar. It is a good instrument to address the directions of "up" and "down".

This instrument is also great to use with younger children who play most rhythm instruments at their midline. This is an instrument that can be held at the midline and then manipulated with either hand going up/down.

If I had to describe clatterpillars in one word, it would be intriguing. I can't count the number of times I have used a clatterpillar to help a student regain focus in a session or to increase motivation to participate within a session!

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