Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Therapy tools Tuesday

It's Tuesday again, and here's another post about some tools I use in therapy quite often!

The therapy tools I want to share with you today fall in the rhythm instrument category. They are called Chikitas and they are maraca-style shakers. They make a more mellow sound compared to some other shakers I've sampled in the past. They are sold in pairs (for $4.25 here), and come in a variety of bright colors.

I love these chikitas mostly because of their handles and for the fact that they are PERFECT for smaller hands. I work with many students who are working on opening and closing their hands and holding/grasping things with their hands. These chikitas are perfect for that. I've also had great experiences using these chikitas with infants ages 9mos. and up. They are easy to hold and kids love to shake up a storm!

Last week we used these shakers in group sessions (and other rhythm instruments) and had a blast singing, "We're gonna move to the music", which I posted last week. I adapted each verse to sing about individual rhythm instruments the students chose to play (i.e., "We're gonna shake to the music" and "We're gonna listen to the shakers",etc.). The kids had great fun!

I hope your week has started out wonderful. Stay tuned for a song post later this week!

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