Thursday, November 18, 2010

The history of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Here's a song to help teach the history behind the first Thanksgiving.
I designed a power point to go along with this song, which has pictures to represent each phrase of the song. I also printed each power point slide,and laminated them, so that the song is also represented in picture form with an adapted book.

In some classrooms, I have used rhythm sticks with this song. Drums would be great to use as well.

As the students are listening to the song for the very first time, I have them play along to the rhythm of the drums in the background. This has worked very well, and usually by the middle of the song, my student groups have been able to get their rhythms in sync and together with the recording. It's so nice when that happens!

Another helpful idea is to set words to the rhythm so the students can follow along that way. Introduce the rhythm first with the sticks, get it going, then start the song and try to match the rhythm of the drum. For this song, try saying the words, "Thanksgiving Dinner", or "I like Thanksgiving", to emphasize the rhythm of the drums.

So, here's the song and I hope you have a great Friday and restful weekend!
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