Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Songs

While I have been more than a little busy with my caseload so far this year, I often think about my blog here and wish I had time to post more. I want to thank all of you for your kind emails and questions.

Today's post is about Thanksgiving songs. Last year, I posted several songs that can be used with a variety of age groups. I love songs like this because you get a lot of "wear" out of them. They can be life savers on a busy day! I also like songs like this because there are so many interesting responses from the students and/or adults participating in the music therapy sessions.

Anyhow, the first post review is of a song by Hap Palmer titled, "I am Thankful". It is a nice, pretty, mellow song which I use for students to insert their own answers of things for which they are thankful. I have several picture visuals to suggest ideas for students who have difficulty with creativity and answering questions. You can hear my version of the song here.

The next song I wanted to review is Ted the Turkey. I love using this song and have had great success with this song with students in elementary and middle schools. The song is basically about a turkey named Ted, who is running away on Thanksgiving Day. Within the song, students are asked, "Where should I go? Where should I hide?".
I have picture cards of places Ted the Turkey could possibly hide (Hay bale, Barn, Car, House,etc). My students with Severe-Profound disabilities are able to choose (via touching picture and/or eye gaze) pictures to tell me where they think the turkey should hide. It's such a cute activity. :) You can listen to this song here.

Thanks so much for stopping by and feel free to email me at morewithmusic@gmail.com
Have a great day!

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