Friday, January 7, 2011

Bus Safety...for Free!

Happy Friday!
It's the end of the first week back to school since our Winter break.
I've had a good week, but I'm glad it's Friday!

Here's a very basic song, and I'm sure many of you will quickly recognize the tune (you've probably already guessed it...was the picture a dead give-a-way?) ;)

If you have worked with young children in any capacity (Music therapist, teacher, parent,sitter,etc.), there is one song that almost ALL kids seem to know and respond to...the "Wheels on the Bus" song!

When a teacher asked me to write a song to address Bus Safety, I thought it would help the students learn if I used the "Wheels on the Bus" tune, so that they would associate my lyrics with the school bus. Typical developing children as well as children with special needs need to learn the rules of riding a bus in order to stay safe.

So, the way I lead this song, was to first sing the "Wheels on the Bus" and the kids of course, readily participate with hand actions,etc.. Then I add in the new bus safety lyrics at the end. It just flows right on into bus safety! :)

This song can be reviewed anytime throughout the school year, and especially after long breaks when rules need to be reviewed as reminders of appropriate behaviors.

Of course, I made a visual to go along with this song.
I laminated a picture of a yellow school bus along with boardmaker picture cards to represent each bus safety rule. I then attached each laminated boardmaker picture to a window of the bus with velcro. It was really cute! I will take a pic and post it soon!

Bus Safety lyrics:

When we ride the bus, we listen to the driver,
Listen to the driver, listen to the driver....
When we ride the bus.

When we ride the bus, we stay in our seat...

When we ride the bus, we keep our hands to ourselves...

When we ride the bus, we use a quiet voice...

You can download this song for FREE by clicking on the word Download, located directly under the play button above.
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  1. This is perfect! I work in an SDC and was searching for a song about safe conduct on the school bus.
    Thank you!