Monday, January 10, 2011

Days of the Week, Adam's Family Style!

Hi, and thanks for stopping by again!

Today I want to share another super simple song that I recorded at the request of a teacher.

This teacher normally sings the Days of the Week song, a capella, to the tune from "The Adam's Family" television show. I've also seen this song idea posted on numerous preschool music sites.

The teacher thought it would be more catchy and motivating for the students if I recorded it with voice and guitar, and I agreed!

Days of the Week, Days of the Week,
Days of the Week, Days of the Week, Days of the Week.
There's Sunday and there's Monday,
Tuesday and there's Wednesday.
Thursday and there's Friday,
and then there's Saturday!
Days of the Week, Days of the Week,
Days of the Week, Days of the Week, Days of the Week.

In my opinion, this song works well with children as long as it doesn't start out too fast. You can add numerous forms of body percussion after each phrase, "Days of the Week".
Many teachers have the children clap two times to the beat (after each "Days of the Week"), but you could pat knees, pat head, click tongue, stomp feet,etc.. You could also use rhythm instruments and play during the beats.
This will help keep the kids guessing and paying attention!

To hear another song teaching the Days of the Week, click here.


  1. I love this song and use it as well. Thanks for recording it and posting it online. I think the catchy part about this song is the therapist/ teacher snapping their fingers.
    I usually sing the names of the days louder than the rest of the song, that way the kids get the sequence of the days of the week better: "there's SUNDAY and there's MONDAY..."; Then I have them fill in the blank.
    p.s. Love the background (I use the same:) )

  2. Thanks for the comment, Christine!
    I love your suggestion of singing the days louder than the rest of the song too! Great idea!

  3. Love this song, 2 out of 3 of my kiddos learned their days of the week with this song - My Annie (rett) LOVES music, and I'm sure that this is what's helping her with her day's of the week as well! Thanks for recording- much better than just me (horrid voice) singing! :) love your blog.

  4. Thanks so much for reading and listening! Girls with Retts do LOVE music! :)