Wednesday, March 30, 2011



It's something we use large amounts of everyday, but it's such a necessity to keep going. :)

Today's post will be the first of three posts about certain types of Energy. Recently, I wrote three songs to help students learn about energy. In their classrooms, students were learning about energy we get from water, wind and the sun.

So, today I'll share my song about Wind Energy.
But, wait! That's not all!

The first 5 people to purchase the song for $0.99 and leave a comment here below, will receive free visuals to use with this song (a power point and a windows movie that goes along with the song)! I know what you're thinking...that tops a blue light special or a rollback any day! :) (Okay, so really that's what I was thinking :)

Here's the song! Stay tuned for Solar and Hydro Energy!

Wind in the air, Wind in your hair.
We can feel wind everywhere.

Wind is a source of energy.
It moves, so it has kinetic energy.


The energy in wind is converted into other forms by machines.
These machines are called wind turbines, you see.


Gusts of wind make the wind turbines spin,
and then the energy is converted into mechanical energy or electricity.


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