Friday, April 1, 2011

Energy, part two

Today's post is the second post on Energy. Yesterday I posted a song about Wind Energy, and you can find that here.

Today's post is about Solar Energy.

Solar energy is all around and is a great renewable resource. I wrote this song to help students learn about solar energy.

When I sing these songs in sessions, I always have visuals to help support the lyrics. I create power points with pictures and song lyrics to support each song.

I also convert the power points into windows movie files, so that the teacher can use the songs with visuals several times weekly. This repetition, along with the visual support, is the key to students retention of the information. In my opinion, by supporting with a song and visuals, I can reach students with a variety of learning styles and strengths, (i.e. auditory learners, visual learners,etc.).

I also wanted to mention that with some classes, the goal is not for all the students to sing the whole song. While some of the students can, I usually focus on the chorus of each song. I introduce it first and point out the visuals they see for that part of the song. I also sing the chorus into a Big Mac (voice output device), so that nonverbal students can also participate in singing the song.

So, here's the song with the lyrics below. Stay tuned for part three...Hydro Energy! :)

The sun is very hot.
It's a ball of fire, you see.
Energy from the sun is called Solar Energy.

Solar Energy has kinetic energy.
We see it all around.
With the help of solar panels, solar energy is all around.


Solar energy is converted into other forms of energy.
There's heat to warm our water, and heat to warm our homes.
There's electricity that helps power many things for you and me.


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