Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Energy, part 3

Welcome back!

Today is part 3 of my songs about different types of Energy.

I posted songs about Wind Energy and Solar Energy a couple of weeks ago and am finally getting around to part 3: Water Energy.

Energy from water is technically called Hydro energy. It is used for many things.

I didn't go into a lot of detail in this song, but mainly explained what Hydro energy is and where it comes from. I hope you like it!

Water, Water Everywhere, in rivers, lakes and streams.
Water makes up our oceans and our seas.

Water moves in many ways. It has kinetic energy.
Water moves in streams, currents, waves and tides, and as it moves it carries energy.


Energy carried by water is called Hydro energy.
It's converted and used to power many things that are powered by electricity.


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