Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Colors...for FREE!

The spring season is full of bright and pretty colors. In light of all the colors we see around, I want to share some of the color songs I use.

I use color songs quite frequently when I work with groups of students and we do everything from naming colors, sorting colors, spelling colors, etc.. I have songs about each individual color and also songs where an assortment of colors are addressed.

I like to introduce all the colors first, across several sessions. This way the teachers can review the colors throughout the week as well. Once I feel that the students have a good grasp on the colors, I like to use a song called Colors, Colors that I posted here.

Below you can see the visual (in windows movie format) that I use for this song. It's a good song to use when trying to get students to answer questions (simple and abstract),too. For example, a more simple question would be, "What color is the cherry?" (and you would point to the cherry when you ask this question).

An abstract question using the visual would be, "What color is the sky?" For many students the abstract questions are hard because we're moving away from labeling items and talking more in depth about them.

Stay tuned for more color songs...FREE color songs!

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