Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Colors, Colors!

Here's a song I use to help teach colors. I have used this song several different ways so far.

<a href="http://morewithmusic.bandcamp.com/track/can-you-tell-me-the-color">Can you tell me the color? by More with Music</a>

One way is to use the song in a class or group, and use scarves of different colors or different colors of paper that the students hold up when their colors are called. For lower functioning students, I recommend focusing on fewer colors at first. The chorus, (Colors, colors, everywhere, you see them everyday. Some are here and some are there. Let's sing about our colors today!), can also be sung into Big Mac switches or other voice output devices in order to give nonverbal students a turn to "sing".

For higher functioning students, I also have each object mentioned in this song printed out on a picture card and I show them the card and they tell me the color. Once students are experienced with the song they can move to sequencing the pictures in the order of the song. I've also made a power point presentation of each object in the song and added the song to the power point. If a student chooses that power point, we watch it first and then I ask "Wh" questions about each color, (i.e. Which one is Red?, Which one is the color of a lemon?,etc.).

I got the idea for the lyrics about colors for this song from another song on the internet, so of course, I will only be using this song for educational purposes.
Hope you're all having a good week!

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