Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Listen and Do

Hello readers!
It's been awhile since I last posted, but I've been busy with work and life and wanted to be sure to post today.

I wanted to share a song that I wrote this week. It's titled, "Listen and Do". I use this song as a simple listen and then do song. I use rhythm sticks or drums and the students in the group are encouraged to follow the leader, who at first is the music therapist and/or teacher.

Here's the song and I hope you might be able to use it!

Listen and Do,
Listen and Do,
Listen to the rhythm then you play it too!

While I write this, I also can think of a couple of other ways to use this song.
One way would be to change the lyrics and have the song concentrate more on speech and/or vocalization.
The song might go like this...

Listen and Do, Listen and Do
Listen to my sounds, then you make them too.
"Ba, ba, ba, ba" (or whatever sound that particular student is working on).

The second way would be another way to enforce following directions with fine or gross motor movements.
The song might go like this...

Listen and Do, Listen and Do
Watch what I'm doing (or watch me move) then you do it too.
(some actions you could do include: pat head, pat knees, blink eyes, stomp feet, rock side to side, etc.)

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  1. Keep the art related tunes coming!!! Great song.