Thursday, October 1, 2009

I have a pumpkin

Here's a song I wrote this week. It's a song about a pumpkin transforming into a jack-o-lantern. I work in several elementary classrooms where they are working on learning to identify their shapes (mainly circle, square, triangle, rectangle for now), and parts of a face. So, I opted to write a song reinforcing shape recognition skills and parts of a face, within a song about a pumpkin.

<a href="">I have a Pumpkin by More with Music</a>

I have a laminated file folder with a large picture of a pumpkin on the right, inside of the folder. On the left I have several laminated black shapes attached with velcro to the folder.

I also designed a power point presentation for this song (for my severe profound classes who use a smartboard in their classroom). Each slide features the pumpkin with an additional facial feature (triangle eyes fly in first, then circle nose, then square mouth). Then for fun, the jack-o-lantern spins during the last verse of the song. The kids really enjoy watching it!
On another day, I might ask the students what shapes they want to use for eyes, nose, mouth, etc. and create a totally different looking jack-o-lantern.
Hope you enjoy!

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