Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"I See The Light" - Tangled

Today's post is about a song from one of the newer Disney movies called Tangled.
It's a very well done movie (aren't they all when they're from Disney?), and features some really beautiful music (in my opinion, of course).
One song in particular that is my current favorite from this movie is "I See the Light".
In the context of the movie, the light is referring to a festival of lights. But it also has an underlying meaning about the light being a symbol of truth and reality.

I think this would be a great song to use with groups or individuals in therapy sessions. There are several lines within this song that would be very interesting to process and analyze with clients.

Some lines in particular are:
"Now I'm here, suddenly I see..."
"Standing here, it's all so clear. I'm where I'm meant to be."
"At last I see the light. It's like the fog has lifted."
"All that time, never truly seeing things the way they were."
"I'm where I'm met to go."

I think each line could be used for separate sessions in order to process feelings, measure accomplishments and personal goals, etc..
So I hope you enjoy it and if you haven't seen the movie yet, I highly recommend it!


  1. Yes, Brianna the female vocalist is Mandy Moore. I love her voice and she did such a great job with the songs in this movie. :)