Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Cat, Billy Jean

Where, oh where is Billy Jean?

This song is about a cat named Billy Jean. I wrote it to address answering and understanding "where" questions.

By answering the "where" questions, the song also addresses prepositions like on, over, inside, outside, on top of, under, etc.

I've used this song already in a couple of sessions and brought a stuffed animal cat to represent Billy Jean. I think the kids loved it because the activity is a lot like hide and seek!

We played/sang the beginning of the song to introduce the cat, her name,etc., and then everyone hid their eyes (closed their eyes), and I quickly hid the cat somewhere in the room. Then we move on to the next part of the song and the students have to try to answer if the cat is "..inside, outside, on top of something, or under something too..."

It's a lot of fun, and as I said above, the kids love hide and seek type games!

My Cat, Billy Jean

I have a cat. Her name is Billy Jean.
She's furry and soft. She's the best cat you've ever seen.
I've looked and looked and looked, and nowhere has she been seen.
Oh where, oh where is Billy Jean?

Maybe she's inside or outside, I really wish I knew.
She could be on top of something, or under something too.
Maybe she's over here or over there.
Maybe she is stuck somewhere in between.
Maybe she's in front of me, behind me, or maybe right beside me.
Where, oh where, where is Billy Jean?

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