Monday, November 28, 2011

The Number Rock

Welcome back!
Today is Tuesday, so I wanted to share a therapy tool today (for all of you long term readers out there...remember when I said therapy tools would be posted on Tuesdays?):)

Have you ever wondered what you could buy a new music therapist or a brand new music therapy student just starting out? Need an idea for a Christmas gift?
One of my top recommendations are the Prelude Music Therapy song books!

The Prelude Music Therapy Songbooks are great and include sheet music as well as lyrics and chords for each song. But wait-there's more! Most song sheets also give ideas and implementations for the song as well!

One song in particular that I learned several years ago from one of the Prelude songbooks was the Number Rock. It's a catchy, jazzy tune that the students love. Many students with special needs require lots of repetition in order to learn new material. The Number Rock is an example of a non-threatening way to provide the students with the repetition they need in a fun way-with a song!

The Prelude Music Therapy song sheet features numbers 1-10. I added my own spin on numbers 11-20, created visual aids and made a windows movie for the students I serve. *This song is only used for educational purposes.

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