Monday, October 15, 2012

The Water Cycle

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Yesterday, I posted a song pertaining to the water cycle:  "When the Raindrops Fall"
If you missed it, just scroll down below and you will find it under this post.

Today's post is about the different parts of the water cycle:  Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Collection.

I found this song online, and after changing the key, and adjusting the tempo, I formed my own version.  This song is only used for educational purposes and can be shared by clicking the Download button below.

When I sing this song with students, I teach them motions to go along with each part of the water cycle.  Sometimes we stay in our seats, and sometimes it is great to get them up out of their seats and let them stretch within this song.

The motions are:

1.  Water travels in a cycle:  bend arms and hold fists in front of you, fists facing each other.  Circle fists around each other, creating circles
2.  It goes up as Evaporation:  Hands out to sides, palms facing up, raise hands from sides and stretch up high
3.  Forms clouds as Condensation:  Hands still stretched high, curve arms and hands outwards to form a circular cloud shape on each side...arms look like this above head:  (   )
4.  Falls down as Precipitation:  Arms straight up, and as you bring them down, fingers "spider crawl" down in the air to mimic raindrops falling down.

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