Sunday, October 14, 2012

When the Raindrops Fall

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Here where I live in North Carolina, many elementary classrooms are talking about the water cycle.  I love to sing about the water cycle with its various parts:  Evaporation, Condensation, and Precipitation.

With the Water Cycle, many teachers discuss each part separately, and then put them all together to create and explain the cycle.

Often, I begin with songs about the rain first, because students usually have a lot of experience with that word.  In many science lessons, students learn that rain makes everything wet.  So, I created a song precisely about rain making everything wet, and added a few extras along the way.

"The Rain Makes Everything Wet" talks about raindrops coming from the clouds above and falling on various places as it comes down:  on your head, on your shoulders, on ground, and on your shoes.  You can ask students to touch different places as they are sung, or you can also use a visual of a pre made picture of a child perhaps standing under a cloud and give a raindrop picture to student/students and they can put the raindrop(s) in the correct places (on the cloud, on head, on shoulders, on ground, on shoe).  Either way, following directions and listening are the main goals with this activity.

What are your favorite songs about the rain?  

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