Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Around the Seasons, part 2

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Yesterday, I posted about a song that is about the four seasons called, "Around the Seasons".  If you missed that post, you can scroll down, or click here.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I used SMART Notebook software to create an interactive resource for teachers to use with their students.

To begin, I created a page for each season.  I also split up the song into specific seasons and inserted each song into its corresponding season page.  I then used Boardmaker software pictures to represent key words mentioned in the song for each season.  (Some of these pictures had to be imported due to the fact that I don't always find what I'm looking for when making picture cards with Boardmaker.)  I "cloned" each picture so that as students touch them, they can move them across the smart board screen.  Lastly, I created empty "boxes" to serve as "answer spaces", where students will drag their pictures.
Students first listen to the song, and then try to recall what they heard and which pictures are associated with that specific season.  The students can come up to the SMART board to touch and drag their answers to the empty boxes on top.

Many teachers reported that this was a great tool to assess their students individually, in terms of what they chose when they come up to the board.  A teacher can select a student to choose the answers they think are correct, and then review why their answers are right or wrong.  After that, the teacher can play the song again (see the speaker icon on the left side of the pic?), and students can be involved in checking their answers.  And since each season has its own page, specific seasons can be reviewed daily, if needed, for repetition in a fun way---with music!

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