Monday, July 15, 2013

Counting by 2's

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Today I'm sharing a song to help students with a skip counting and specifically skip counting by 2's.
Skip counting helps us count groups of things quickly.  Skip counting also sets a great foundation for when we do repeated addition, which happens when we do multiplication.
I have seen several ways to help students learn to skip count.  Some of those include number lines on their desks, beads on a string across their desk, using an abacus, using a 100's board, and even using a large number line taped on the classroom floor.  These are all great tools.  I personally love the large number line on the floor because of the way the students become engaged stepping and skipping from number to number.  I think it's a great way for the kinesthetic learners in the classroom to grasp the concept quickly.

I wrote a song called, "Counting by 2's" to help introduce the concept of skip counting by 2's.  When first learning to count by 2's, the main concept a student needs to grasp is instead of rote counting, they are starting with one number and then skipping over the next.

Do you need a song to help introduce a concept to your students?  I would love to help!  Email me at and share your topic or concept request.

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