Monday, July 8, 2013

Winding down the Wiggles

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Today's post is a song share is in response to a question I received from a reader here on More with Music.

Anne W. recently wrote,
"I'm a preschool teacher with many years of experience.  I love singing songs and using music in my classroom with the students.  At times, especially with the mix of students I had this past school year, I had a time getting all the students to specific groups like circle time, reading time, etc..  Once I get them all to the designated area in my classroom, many of the students have the "wiggles", and a few students take a few moments to transition into the group activity.  Do you know of any songs to help with this?  I'm looking for a "standard" I can do each day to signal this group activity beginning.  Thanks!"

I love that Anne already uses music in her classroom and sings with her students!  It sounds like transitions are the most challenging n her classroom, and with preschool students, this is totally normal.  There are many reasons for this, (which I won't list here today), but the truth of the matter is that preschoolers wiggle...A LOT!  But, they can also sit and listen.

To be really successful with preschoolers , also known as "wigglers", you have to find ways for them to get their wiggles out.  Simple songs involving clapping, patting, stomping, jumping, and/or stretching,etc..  are all great ideas to do BEFORE you ask them to sit down and listen.

After getting most of their wiggles out (are they ever completely out of wiggles?!?!), you can use a song to help transition them to a more quiet, focused group activity.  One song I have heard for many years is called "Time to Listen".  It's a perfect song to help little ones calm down while reviewing some rules of circle time.  I do not know who wrote this song, but I have seen it shared several times on preschool sites online.

Since I didn't write this song, I'm posting this song as a free download.  All you have to do is click on "download" and you will quickly be on your way to having the song to use with your very own wigglers!

Do you need a songs for your classroom or certain transitions within your classroom?
Request songs specific to your classroom needs and topics by sending an email to me at

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