Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Opposites are different

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Summer seems to be flying by around here.  That's usually the case when you take a vacation or have time off.  I've been working my way down my list of songs to share here on More with Music.  Today's song post is about opposites.

Opposites are different!  If you think about it, young students work on matching and finding the same with many kinds of manipulatives.  Then we work on finding things that are different (i.e. sorting different colors, different textures, different sizes, different animals, etc..).  Then we have opposites, which are different, but an extension of "different".  Sometimes opposites are more abstract to some students.  So, I wrote a song to help introduce opposites to students and included several examples.

I recommend singing the song first and introducing it to the students.  Then you could use/hand out picture cards with the words on them.  If working with a group, you can divide the students into partners ahead of time or just randomly pass out the cards.  If randomly passed out, the students have to find the "opposite" to their card and pair up with that person.  You sing the song and when you come to one pair sing, "You say..."(and one person calls out their card), and you say, "...(and the other person calls out the other card).  It's a good way to give everyone a turn within their pairs.
If you are workingn 1:1 with a student, you can ask the student to find the opposite to any given card or ask them to find the opposite from a field of 3 or 4 cards (once they get the hang of it).  Then you could even let them match all of the opposites and then sing the song and let the student decide the order of opposites they are going to sing.  The possibilities are endless!

What songs do you use to help students learn opposites?
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